Summer Camp Out
Started 11th July 2013
Ended 16th July 2013
Main Character(s) Stella
Main Location Campground
The Summer Camp-Out was an event to celebrate the re-opening for the Campground in July. It was first announced in the Comet. 


The Campground is opening again for the summer season of 2013! This Thursay (7/11), head on over to the Summer Campground to partake in super fun activities such as canoeing, fishing, roasting marshmallows, toasting hot dogs, and having a blast! Win all kinds of awesome prizes for participating in various activities! See you at camp!


Users could buy exclusive fishing costumes to fish for multi-colored fish at the lake. It was possible for non-members to do it also, but can only catch yellow fish.

Ghost HuntingEdit

Users could go ghost-hunting with Stella. You had to look around the Campground for clues on ghosts. There were three clues to find, mainly blue goop. By completing the ghost hunt you could achieve a Summer Camp Badge.

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