Pets are fun, collectable critters that roam all over Fantage! There are currently 65 Pets to collect. You can get Pets by hatching eggs and buying magic codes! Each pet is unique and different in their own way. There are many Pet sets, all of which include 5 pets. 

Pebbles: Mumbo , Jimbo , Weebo , Rumbo , Tombo

CosmosRocki , Poofi , Sparkli , Charmi , Beami

Faries: Halo , Lolo , Mylo , Ceelo , Shylo

Dinos: Bubu , Chloe , Tootsie , Bella , Bello

Firepuffs : Scruffie, Punkie, Fluffie, Pixie, Ashie

Cuddlies: Zumi, Feebi, Kiki, Leefi, Elli

Jellies: Bloopie, Razzle, Peachfuzz , Jigglie, Goober

Aeropuffs: Nana, Spinner, Flora, Turnip, Monko

Barnacles: Zuzu, Jombo, Miku, Chibu, Karu

Feathers: Minty, Rakoon, Lovely, Puffy, Snowball

Frosties: Shivers, Gilbert, Wally, Twinkle, Beeker

Ribbons: Pogo, Bobo, Yoyo, Rob, Jojo   

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