Gender Female
Role Store Owner

Fantage Mascot

Where Found Le Shop
First Appearance Comet
Latest Appearance Michelle and Zack's Firework


Michelle is one of Fantage's main characters. She is a female, store-owner. She is currently dating Zack and has held many events with him including the prom and fireworks festival. Whenever you buy an item, she always alerts you, concluding the statement that you now own the item.


Michelle has the appearance of a peachy-skinned female Fantagian. She has deep-sky blue, shoulder length hair which is mainly swayed to the side, she equips a pink, winged heart clip. She is wearing a baggy, white blouse with navy-blue, horizontal stripes. She has violet eyes and pinkish-peach lips. On her left arm she equips many bands of different colors, on her right arm she has a sun-yellow bracelet. She wears dark-blue, threaded jeans with torn patches, they are held up by a tree-brown belt with a silver buckle. Around her neck she equips a tan-roped, over-lapping necklace with a black and gold charm.

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