Gender Male
Role Fantage Mascot

Tutorial Guide

Where Found Tutorials
First Appearance Tutorial
Latest Appearance Fantage Blog
M is one of the main Fantage mascots but is uncommonly known, he leads you through the main tutorials and the mini tutorials. He also appears when you collect you're monthly, free premium gift when your a member.


M has deep-sky blue eyes and a slightly curved smile, he has a light, skin color. He has dark-brown thick eyesbrows and oak-brown, messy, swift hair. M equips a blue lightning shock board with a star with different shades of orange and yellow, possibly indicating premium membership. Wrapped around his shoulders are sea-blue straps with black, velcro ends which are connected to his dark-blue rucksack. M wears a pearl-white hoodie with cuffs at the wrist and waist, outlined with a dark gray, the hoodie has a trapezium-shaped pocket pouch, above that is an orange star. He wears purple pants with a darker shade of purple striped, he has gray and white, high-top sneakers with a silver-colored heel.

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