Gender Female
Role Store Owner
Where Found The Island
First Appearance Fantage Blog
Latest Appearance Mysterious Island

Ellie is a Hawian Fantagian who inhabits The Mysterious Island

First AppearanceEdit

During her first appearance you logged in, a message  flashed on your screen with a picture of Ellie saying, "I'm Ellie! I'm new to Fantage. Come meet me on the new island Thursday (6/3),". 


She was also featured on the cover of The Comet waving. In the article about the Mysterious Island, it states Ellie is a resident expert on it and is posting information about it in her blog post on the Fantage Blog. 


Hi Fantagians! My name is Ellie and I reside over in a mysterious new part of Fantage on an island! One day, I was busy perfecting my new hula dance when I came across a lone traveler. He told me that his name was Static and that he and two other friends were looking at the island for a possible vacation spot! After rescuing Static and reuniting him with his friends, I suggested that they use our mysterious island and invite all of Fantage to join! We will have plenty of fun games to play and cool prizes to win!

What happens then? You’ll have to attend our island party on the 13th to find out!


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